Rep. Erin Murphy. Representing St. Paul District 64A

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The Road Ahead

Since the November 4 election, there has been plenty of work to do. The House is essentially organized and ready for 2009. The caucuses have elected leadership. Speaker Kelliher and Majority Leader Sertich were elected with unanimous support. I am delighted to serve this term as an Assistant Majority Leader. This role provides an opportunity to participate more fully in the operation and leadrship of the House of Representatives.

The House Committees are set and we will have our assignments by the month's end. Current committees are meeting. Last week I attended a meeting of the Health Care Access Commission and Ways and Means. At the end of next week, I am heading to Washington DC for a meeting of the National Council of Environmental Legislators. I am grateful for the scholarship support of this organization, making the trip possible.

Along with you, I am learning about the emerging deficit in the current fiscal year and the projected deficit for 2010- 2011. The impact of the global recession and the related job loss is clear and serious. There is current information on the forecast on the State Office of Management and Budget at

I will continue to post information about the upcoming session and the work underway. I want your ideas and input as we proceed- every idea is welcome. In fact, we need the creative thought and input of all of us. Minnesota needs to grow jobs, protect the most vulnerable among us and invest in those things that will strengthen our economy into the future. I have tremendous faith in our capacity to master this challenge.

I am grateful for the opportunity to represent the mighty citizens of 64A. I look forward to hearing from you.