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Two weeks ago, the Minnesota Legislature concluded a successful 2008 session. I want to begin by thanking the mighty citizens of district 64 A. Your engagement, perspective and commitment to Minnesota are delightful. I remain grateful for the opportunity to serve and represent our part of the state.

Nearly two years ago, House DFLers offered their Stick-to-the-Basics agenda to Minnesotans. It was a pledge to take our state in a new direction and focus on the bread and butter issues affecting families across our state. As this legislative session comes to a close, we can point to remarkable progress on each of our agenda items. This session we adopted a budget-balancing bill that closes tax loopholes for foreign-operating companies, and provided needed funding for public schools and nursing homes. In addition, the legislature passed a significant health care reform bill, help with property taxes and an increase in aid to St. Paul.

Here are some of the highlights from the past two years:
Excellent Education: Increased funding for our schools, increased special education funding and improved accountability.
Health Care: Expanded access to affordable health care to 112,000 Minnesotans and passed reform legislation to slow the growth of health care costs, improve care for the chronically ill and invest in the health of Minnesotans.
Environment and Energy: Adopted a nation leading renewable energy standard and a Cap and Trade policy framework.
Transportation: Adopted the state's first comprehensive transportation plan in twenty years along with funding the Central Corridor.
Lower College Tuition: Provided higher education funding to end double digit tuition increases.

My Legislative Report will be mailed soon and I look forward to visiting through the interim. You can always reach me through email at or at 651.296.8799. Though the session is ended, the work continues. I will continue to share my efforts with you on this blog. Till our paths cross, have a beautiful summer.

Be mighty for our future,