Rep. Erin Murphy. Representing St. Paul District 64A

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Governor Pawlenty’s Budget Proposal and the Month Ahead

Over the next month or so, legislative committees will review the Governor’s budget proposal. We will review the proposal in district at citizen meetings. Joint Committees will hold town hall style meetings across Minnesota. Given the challenge we are facing, it is important that Minnesotans have a good measure of what is being proposed and what it means for our families, neighbors, businesses and the economy. You can learn more about the proposal by going to

I am carefully reviewing the budget. It is easy to rush to judgment and there are certainly proposals that are of great concern, from my point of view. But it is important to take a full measure of the proposal. I hope that you will share your reactions with me. To those who are already making contact, I thank you.

Finally, as the Obama Administration and Congress debate and finalize the federal recovery legislation, I will share details with you. Last fall I worked to organize and hold an initial meeting of Minnesota’s State and Federal Health Care Caucus. We met at the end of the year to discuss health care funding and reform measures. That early work will help us to work effectively with our federal partners to shape the recovery initiative.

You know how to reach me. Thank you for your advice and hard work.