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General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC)

Casey Selix of MinnPost wrote this story which digs into the complexity of GAMC and efforts to rebuild health coverage for 35,000 sick and poor Minnesotans.

Read it here:


Early Childhoood Opportunity

Legislative Leadership Institute on Child Development Research and Policy

Dear Mighty Citizens,

I wanted to share with you some information about a legislative conference I will be attending later this month. From Monday, November 9 through Wednesday, November 11 I will be attending the Legislative Leadership Institute on Child Development Research and Policy, sponsored by the Council of State Governments Midwestern Office and The Minnesota Community Foundation.

The Institute is designed to build knowledge and understanding of the science of brain development, and how the experiences of children ages birth to three affect development, health and social outcomes across the life span.

It’s an honor to be nominated by my colleagues to attend the Institute and I am eager to learn more from these nationally known researchers about how early experiences build the brain’s architecture and develop a weak or strong foundation for life.

Here is a list of the primary presenters: Richard Chase, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Wilder Foundation. Dr. Chase will unveil the findings from the Minnesota Community Foundation-commissioned report on the demographics and key indicators of infant and toddler well being in Minnesota; Meggan Gunnar, Ph.D., University of Minnesota Distinguished McKnight Professor in Child Development, international expert on the effect of stress on brain development, and member of the National Scientific Council of the Developing Child, Harvard University; Robert Anda, MD, MS, senior researcher, Center for Disease Control, and Co-Principal Investigator of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE). The ACE is one of the largest scientific research studies of its kind, analyzing the relationships between multiple categories of childhood trauma and health and behavioral outcomes later in life; and J. Ronald Lally, Ed.D., Co-Director of the Center for Child and Family Studies at WestEd, an educational research and development laboratory.o. Dr. Lally directed the Syracuse University Family Development Research Program, a longitudinal study of the impact of early intervention on low income children and families.

I look forward to reporting back to you about the conference and ways we can improve early childhood in Minnesota.