Rep. Erin Murphy. Representing St. Paul District 64A

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Caucuses and Session!

Dear Mighty Citizens,

On Tuesday, February 2nd I encourage you to take part in precinct caucuses.

Precinct caucuses bring neighborhoods together and offer all of us the chance to weigh in on the issues important to our community, state and country. Not only are caucuses the first step in choosing our elected officials, they also begin the process of forming party platforms and setting priorities.

To find where your precinct caucus is located you can visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website: . The website displays the times and locations of the Democratic, Republican, Independence, Constitution, and Green Party caucuses.

Two days after caucuses, the 2010 legislative session begins. As you have done throughout the interim, please continue to stay active and to contact me with your ideas and input. Your active role in our political process helps me effectively represent our communities at the State Capitol.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. It remains a great honor and privilege.