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Family, Friend, and Neighbor Child Care Grants Awarded

This past legislative session I authored legislation signed into law creating the Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) grant program. Study after study demonstrates the value of early education to school readiness and student success. Family, Friend and Neighbor grants promote children's literacy, healthy development, and foster community partnerships by investing in the quality of childcare in the homes of our extended families, neighbors and friends. A majority of Minnesota families rely upon FFN childcare. FFN grants are a smart investment in the early education.

I'm excited to report that the Department of Human Services recently released awards totaling $750,000 to six excellent organizations that applied for these grants. Here is some information about the programs these grants will fund for three organizations from the metro area:

Neighborhood House, St. Paul

Partners will develop culturally relevant services, interactive activities, and provide outreach and on-site programming and support group meeting opportunities at low-income housing sites. They will also offer training sessions on preventing child abuse.

Partners include: CommomBond Communities, Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota, the Children's Museum, and Resources for Child Caring Child Care Resources and Referral

Early Childhood Resource and Training Center, Minneapolis

This project plans to focus on American Indian providers and the children they care for in Minneapolis. Trainers will speak specifically to issues affecting the American Indian community. The program will make connections with providers using urban centers, clinics, and libraries.

Partners include: All Nations Early Education Center, Franklin Library, Native American Community Clinic, University of Minnesota Pediatrician and the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

Library Foundation of Hennepin County, Minneapolis

This project will develop and implement a community outreach model utilizing current immigrant care providers and their families to build community relationships. Services will be connected to early childhood education programs, school districts, parent education programs and family services providers.

Partners include: Alliance for Early Childhood Professionals, Minneapolis Public Schools, NW Family Services Collaborative, City of Minneapolis Dept. of Health and Family Support, Hennepin County Child Care Licensing, Hennepin County Medical Center