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This Week: Transportation

Comprehensive Transportation Package Will Be Debated This Thursday, 2/21

The Minnesota Legislative Auditor released a report today on the condition of Minnesota State Highways and Bridges. The report detailed a grim future for Minnesota's roads and bridges, stating that MnDOT has consistently scheduled more state highway projects than they could possibly deliver given available funding. The report also found that if Minnesota continues down this path, preservation and maintenance will eat all of the available money for transportation, leaving no funds for new projects.

To view the full report, visit:

This report adds to the mountain of evidence that clearly shows Minnesota needs to act on a comprehensive transportation package. That is why we have been moving quickly on a balanced plan that will address the needs of our roads and bridges in both metro and rural areas. It will also invest in mass transit in the metro, a key component to the long-term transportation and environmental needs of our state.

This Thursday, we will likely take up the transportation package on the floor of both the House and Senate. I recognize that we are struggling with a sluggish economy. Adding a gas tax, for some, seems ill advised. Yet there is a large price to pay for waiting. I hope the report of the Legislative Auditor, the status of our roads and bridges and our desire for clean environment and a competitive economy will translate into action this session. We must pass this vitally important legislation for our future.