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GOP Agenda Lacks Focus on Jobs

House Republicans are moving forward with “Phase 1” of their plan to balance the budget. Unfortunately, they are moving forward without much public input and without much consideration of how their cuts will affect Minnesotans.

An example of the lack of input or thoughtful decision making came in our Health Care Committee last week. We had less than 24 hours to study this proposal that cut $71 million, affecting seniors and children. Even the new Republican Speaker of the House in Congress, John Boehner pledged support for a 72 hour period for legislators and members of the public to read and review legislation.

This video attached are my comments about the cuts in this bill to child protection services will shift an unfair burden onto our counties that will end up asking property tax payers to foot the bill.

In addition to this irresponsible budget plan, we are beginning to get a more complete look at the GOP agenda. Just in the past few weeks we have seen press conferences and bill introductions from the Republicans on voter ID, constitutional amendments related to guns, English as our official state language, repealing the Next Generation Energy Act, job cuts and wage freezes, and more.

What strikes me most is the absence of legislation that will create jobs and support working families. On the first day of session Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers said job creation would be the top priority. To date their rhetoric has simply not rung true.