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State Legislators Speak Out on Affordable Care Act Repeal

As Congress considers legislation that would repeal the Affordable Care Act, it’s critical we consider what is at stake. Today the White House released a snapshot of what legislators are saying about “repeal” efforts from across the country. Here are my comments as well as those of others:

Minnesota Representative Erin Murphy:

“Repealing the Affordable Care Act means repealing affordable coverage for Minnesotans with preexisting conditions like asthma or diabetes. It means repealing consumer protections that protects an insured family from unfair premium increases. It means bringing back the prescription drug donut hole that prices seniors citizens out of the prescription drugs they need to stay healthy… Repealing the Affordable Care Act represents a fatal step backwards and the consequence is a less stable, more costly health care system for Minnesotans.”

Minnesota Representative Tom Huntley:

“Every day, Minnesotans are coming to appreciate the Affordable Care Act more and more. Adult children are being offered coverage on their parents’ policy, seniors are getting help with the costly donut hole, and small businesses are adding jobs because the tax credit is helping them provide health coverage.”

Iowa State Senator Jack Hatch:

“Before they vote, they need to think about the Iowa mother who can now get coverage for her 3-year old son who has severe asthma, a pre-existing condition; the Iowa cancer survivor who now no longer has to worry his insurance company will cut off his coverage due to an arbitrary lifetime limit; and, the tens of thousands of young Iowa men and women who now can get coverage on their parents’ health care plan.”

Texas Representative Garnet F. Coleman:

“It's telling that just weeks after taking office, Republicans in Congress have made it a priority to change current law to take away Americans' healthcare rights and allow insurance companies to drop someone from coverage if they develop a catastrophic illness like cancer. The Republican repeal would add billions to our national deficit and would have very real and drastic consequences on Texas families.”